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Aims of TAC

The Association is established to

  1. Foster the development of cancer advocacy as a crucial tool for positive change in cancer healthcare in Malaysia
  2. Take concerted action as a civil society group in matters affecting our health system, and to make representations to the Government, regulators, payers and other relevant authorities on the effect of cancer health policy that government and other policy makers may introduce from time to time
  3. Strengthen the capacity for scientifically sound and ethically proper cancer health advocacy
  4. Further the development of training and continuing education for cancer health advocates and other interested health NGOs.
  5. Promote a closer relationship and an improved understanding among cancer health advocates and health NGOs.
  6. Drive the introduction of new best practices and technologies in cancer healthcare and improve cancer patient access to these healthcare through health policy reforms.
  7. Take any lawful action incidental or conductive to the attainment of the objective of the Association


Activities of TAC

The activities of the Association shall include:

  • Develop positions on specific cancer health issues that TAC will advocate
  • Undertake research and collect information relating to the specific cancer health issues to substantiate the evidence base of TAC’s position.
  • Disseminate information on TAC’s positions and actions through mass media, public forum, awareness campaign, report publication, peer-to-peer communication, electronic newsletter and other web resources.
  • Engage and conduct dialogue session with policy makers and relevant government agency with responsibility for particular cancer health policy matter.  
  • Training programs on cancer health advocacy  




  1. To have a concerted strategic and multi-sectorial policy approach comprising all relevant parties to help reverse the rising trends in the national incidence of cancer. 
  2. To ensure major stakeholder groups are involved in the planning and development of national cancer control policies. 
  3. Ensure strategies to control cancer nationally are targeted at those who are most in need, particularly those from lower income and rural areas. 
  4. Establish a National Cancer Drugs Fund of RM50 million a year which is intended as a pro-tem measure prior to 2015, when the Government plans to introduce the new develop national cancer programs covering preventive measures, early detection and screening health system. 
  5. Place cancer on the development agenda

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