The First Joint Meeting in Malaysia was held on 4 September 2013 and was attended by several cancer patients’ support groups. Following the meeting, the groups formed "Together against Cancer”
On the 2nd October, TAC called for a meeting with representatives of the Cancer Survivor Support Groups, NGOs and Healthcare Professionals with regards to the advocacy at the national level for an increase in funding for cancer drugs. The objective of this meeting was to discuss the modus-operandi for TAC partnership arrangements, appointment of TAC Spokespersons (or committee) and release of press statement


















On 3rd October 2013,.......
Several cancer patient support groups, survivors and healthcare professionals have come together to advance the interests of Malaysians from all walks of life, gender and age to control and prevent the rising trend of cancer in the country. 
TAC’s main objective is to have a united voice in raising issues and seek support from the relevant stakeholders in gaining access to treatment much needed by cancer patients. It provides a platform for the different cancer support groups to come together for a common cause; ensuring that cancer patients have access to the necessary treatment for survival
3rd October 2013









18th July 2014

Inaugural meeting

The meeting was called for the formation of the Association on

Date: Tuesday 23 June 2015 2pm, UMMC


TAC is now officially registered with ROS
Nombor Pertubuhan : PPM-019-10-13082015
Tarikh Kelulusan : 13-08-2015